How to convert your Full Face Snorkeling mask into a safety mask.

How to convert your Full Face Snorkeling mask into a safety mask.

If you have our full face snorkeling mask or plan to buy one here’s a quick step-by-step guide to convert it for use as a personal safety mask.

Step 1: First, make sure you have removed the snorkel tube from your full face mask. If you haven’t used the mask yet the snorkel won’t be attached. Put it on your face and adjust the straps if the mask feels loose or if you have any gaps between your face and the mask skirt.

Step 2: Lay out all the supplies you may need:

Full face mask without the tube (any style of Deep Blue Gear’s full face mask will work).

N95 mask, cloth, rag, a bandanna or any extra fabric you can breathe through without significant resistance.

Rubber band, or hair tie. We don’t recommend a zip tie since it would be difficult to readjust later on.

Step 3: Take your N95 mask or cloth substitute and fold it around the tube (where the snorkeling tube would usually go). Make sure to find the best way to cover that open gap, leaving no open spots.

Step 4: Go ahead and tie down the handmade tube cover with a rubber band or other tying tool (we suggest if you are using a zip tie to not use it just yet) then try on the mask and ask yourself the following questions:

How’s your airflow? Do you feel like you’re getting enough air intake?

Are there any gaps along the mask? If so, make the necessary adjustments to the mask on your face to assure there are no gaps.

Additional Information:

If your snorkel tube gets damaged during the process of removing it from your mask just contact us at, and we will send you a free replacement. You will only be responsible for shipping.

We do not recommend wearing your glasses with this mask, as they will prevent the mask from sealing on your face. Instead, we recommend that you check out our optical frames and lenses that can be inserted in all of our full face masks.

  • Lastly, we do not contend that this mask will prevent you from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Please check out the CDC webpage for any additional information (Link: