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Vista Vue - Full Face Snorkel Mask by Deep Blue Gear

Deep Blue Gear

Vista Vue - Full Face Snorkel Mask by Deep Blue Gear
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Vista Vue - Full Face Snorkel Mask by Deep Blue Gear
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  • Full Face Snorkeling Mask featuring a next-generation, all-in-one mask and snorkel design that enables you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth
  • Dry snorkel technology prevents water from getting into mask; purge valve technology allows you to inhale and exhale easily
  • Crystal silicone mask skirt offers superior comfort; easily adjustable elastic straps secure the mask to your face
  • Fog-free ventilation design continuously directs fresh, dry air across inner surface of mask to prevent condensation
  • Available in two sizes -- Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large

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Explore the ocean's coral reefs with the Vista Vue Full Face Snorkel Mask from Deep Blue Gear featuring a next-generation, all-in-one mask and snorkel design that enables you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth. Offering a refined design of the air flow and purge valve system developed in response to feedback from Deep Blue Gear's extensive customer base of Caribbean snorkeling tour operators, the Vista Vue - Full Face Snorkel Mask ensures optimal comfort, easy breathing and fog-free undersea viewing. The perfect mask for surface snorkeling!

Eliminating the need for a snorkel mouthpiece, this Vista Vue Full Face Snorkel Mask has an integrated dry snorkel tube at the top of the mask that stops water from getting into the mask. The large diameter, single chamber snorkel tube with innovative multi-purge valve frame technology allows air to be easily inhaled and exhaled -- comfortably and naturally. Fresh, dry air is continuously directed across the inner surface of the mask, preventing condensation from forming and eliminating fog. A crystal silicone skirt provides superior comfort with a clear, panoramic view. Easily adjustable elastic straps allow the mask to be comfortably secured to your face.

The Vista Vue - Full Face Snorkel Mask by Deep Blue Gear is available in two sizes: Small / Medium & Large / XL.

NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleaners (such as Sea Buff) on this polycarbonate mask.

How To Measure For A Full Face Snorkel Mask

  1. Ask a friend to place a measuring tape with the 0" marker in the middle of your forehead just above the brow bone
  2. Measure from this mark to the lowest point of your chin bone as shown with the red lines
  3. If the measurement is 5.5" or less then choose the Small / Medium Full Face Snorkel Mask
  4. If the measurement is over 5.5" then choose the Large / XL Full Face Snorkel Mask


11 Reviews

Mary B.

Comfortable, Clear Vision, and Easy

I love it!! It is so comfortable, your vision is clear, and easy to breathe.

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John B.

Better than Traditional Mask and Snorkel

the full face mask is very comfortable compared to traditional snorkel in your mouth. With this full face sight is better and breathing is like you have gills because you don't even know you are breathing under water. The in the mouth one hurts your mouth after a little while then you quit snorkeling with these I snorkeled for hours in the ocean just floating and looking at the fish swim by. My sister and her husband bought a set also and they love them. I would recommend this mask to anyone especially a beginner because of the float valve in the mask YOU WON'T SWALLOW ANY WATER AT ALL! I have a moustache and the other style with the smaller face mask would leak water in terribly and I had to keep emptying it but not before getting water up my nose. With this mask that problem was gone!!.

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Danny D.

What a View!

This thing is awesome. Excellent seal and what a view!

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Great fit and design!

This mask has a very good fit and a nice design. I don't see any need for improvement.

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Paul S.

Great view!

Fantastic viewing area. No fogging like in my old mask. Much easier to breath. Even my wife loved hers. The only improvement could be a longer snorkel tube.

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great snorkel experience

I used this mask on my trip 2 weeks ago to Bora Bora. It was the best snorkel experience I had. My eyes and my mouth were not exposed to sea water. highly recommend it.

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Danny D.

Excellent Choice

This mask is an excellent choice. The standard style masks were a little leaky, but that was not a problem with this one. No water and very comfortable.

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Susan E.

I think it is awesome!!!!!

A perfect 10 out of 10 for how comfortable, how easy it was to breathe, and how well I could see out of the mask. Love my full face mask and Snorkel-Mart! I love the mask because you can see everything, you can breath normally and you can talk to your fellow snorkeler. I'm going to buy one of these masks for my husband. I love Snorkel-Mart because of their GREAT customer service, always free shipping and whatever I order I get it really fast.

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Jerry C.

Very Easy to Use and Breathe

Tried the mask at Molikini crater offshore in Maui. I thought that it was very easy to use. The advantage is that nothing is in your mouth so you can breathe normally. The fit was comfortable and worked great. You should not dive more than two feet down because you cannot equalize the change in pressure with this mask. Another snorkeler had a similar mask on the same boat and he thought the design was great.

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Great Vision, Excited to Use it More!

I tried out the full face mask at our local indoor pool. I made a point to explain that I wasn't wearing a gas mask. I was very pleased with the vision I had underwater, I had to struggle to figure out the breathing part. I had a bit of a chest cold by the next day and couldn't decide if it was from the new plastic smell of the mask that irritated my lungs or by the other person in the pool that confessed she was suffering from the flu and thought a swim in the public pool would make her feel better. I am looking forward to using my new full face mask this summer outside in our lakes creeks and rivers and oceans!!

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