Kids Playa Virtual Snorkeling Kit

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The Kids Playa Mask/Snorkel Combo set comes with a Playa Mask, Playa Snorkel, and a Fish watchers guide. This combo is perfect for virtual snorkeling and actual snorkeling too! 

The Playa Mask is best for children ages 5 and under. The tempered glass one window lens design provides optimal vision, allowing your child to comfortably swim and see. 

The Playa Junior Snorkel deflects splashing surface water from the tube opening with a splash guard and residual water can be easily expelled from the large silicone purge valve at the bottom of the tube. A comfortable and soft silicone mouthpiece minimizes jaw fatigue, and the composite flex tube provides a contoured shape to the snorkel making it extremely comfortable for your beginning snorkeler.


  • Semi-dry snorkel with splash guard to help keep water out
  • Composite flex tube
  • Upgrade to the Ultra Dry 2 Junior Snorkel for a dry experience
  • Single Pane viewing window for optimal vision
  • Fits children ages 5 and under