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About Us

The products offered at Snorkel-Mart are produced by Deep Blue Gear, LLC. The company’s owner, David Morgan and his business partner, Tom Sutton, lived in the Caribbean for a combined total of 35 years. During that time period they were both involved selling diving/snorkeling equipment for various dive gear distributors throughout the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Their customers; dive shops, resort owners, charter boat businesses and snorkel tour operators consistently requested comfortable but durable and functional products for their customers to use while on vacation. At that time no diving gear distributor offered products that fit those criteria. David and Tom saw an opportunity… The result was a unique design concept for RENTAL diving and snorkeling equipment - the first of its kind in the industry.

Today, Deep Blue Gear’s Rental line is the benchmark product for its application. Current long time customers include: Sandals Resorts, Sea World/Discovery Cove, Typhoon Lagoon (Walt Disney World Resort), Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Lines and Princess Cruise Lines.

The success of Deep Blue Gear’s Rental line was the stepping stone leading to the development of all the retail products now found on the Snorkel-Mart website. All the products in our line evolve from the tradition started by our owner of listening to our customers, asking questions, hearing what our customers have to say then producing products that meet their needs.

Deep Blue Gear's 2016 product line offers something for everyone - from the resort operator to the seasoned diver or novice snorkeler. The same thought and attention used to develop our celebrated rental gear has been carefully applied to every item offered on Snorkel-Mart.