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Lenses For Life Program

It's inevitable, your eyesight evolves over time, and the lenses you order today may not work in a year or two. So, as your prescription changes, we want to update your mask’s lenses to match.

Snorkel-Mart offers an industry unique lifetime lens replacement opportunity for all customers who purchase our prescription masks. Once you order a prescription mask from us, you automatically qualify to get replacement lenses for life at 50% off the normal retail price of the lenses. 

We're introducing this program and making it available to all existing and new Snorkel-Mart customers. If you have a mask you purchased 1, 5, or more years ago, we're happy to let you know you qualify for this deal.

Time for a replacement? Contact us today! 


How does our program work?

Once you order your replacement lenses, there are two easy options for getting them installed into your mask.

1. We will ship the lenses to you with detailed instructions on how to install the lenses into your mask, including a link to a step by step video. As always, our expert customer care associates will be available to answer any questions and help walk you through the process.

  • You can visit our YouTube Page to see how to replace the lenses yourself as well.

2. You return the mask to our warehouse and we will install the new lenses into your mask, and then return the mask to you. Please note, you are responsible for shipping charges to get the mask delivered to our warehouse. Return shipping will be no charge.

Shipping charges will apply for return of the mask or to ship lenses to all customers outside of the Contiguous United States




Have questions about our program? Contact us!

Offer valid for any Deep Blue Gear Spirit 2, Maui, Maui Jr., Super Vue 2, Vista Vue, Vista Vue II or Vue Tech mask purchased from Snorkel-Mart. Offer not valid for new or existing Custom Ground Prescription lenses.