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Adding a Purge Valve to Your Mask

What does a purge valve do?

Your purge valve allows you to easily expel water from you mask using a one way release valve. Keep in mind that if your mask has a good fit, you shouldn’t get any leakage into your mask. Many customers install a purge valve anyway so if there is leakage, they can easily get the water out of their mask without interrupting their snorkeling experience.

How does a purge valve work?

We install your purge valve by piercing a hole in the nosepiece of the mask and stretching the silicone around the valve. All you need to do is press the mask against your face and gently exhale through your nose. This should flush the water through the one way valve and out of your mask.

What do I do if my purge valve does leak?

The top reason for a leaky purge valve is dirt and grime compromising the seal. If you have used your mask a few times in the ocean or even just a pool, there will be residue that gets into your mask, and it may wiggle its way to obstruct the seal. Make sure after every use to clean your mask thoroughly. Clean both the purge valve, mask and the lenses with a soft rag or your fingers until no residue is visible with soap and warm water. Don't forget to clean the crevices of the purge valve thoroughly.

Do I need a Purge Valve?

A purge valve is not absolutely necessary, however a lot of customers really like the convenience of being able to purge any water out of the mask if it does get inside. Rather than having to take your mask off or tilting your mask to get the water out of your mask you can simply push on your mask and then exhale through your nose to expel water from the mask. A purge valve is also a perfect solution for snorkelers who have a mustache.

Additional Tips

If you have a mustache or anything that may obstruct the seal of the mask to your face, a purge valve may be just what you need. We can install a purge valve into any of our adult Deep Blue Gear Masks, including the Maui, Spirit 2, Montego, and Super Vue.