How to Clean and Maintain Your Snorkeling Gear

How to Clean and Maintain Your Snorkeling Gear

You’ve just returned from the greatest snorkeling experience, and you notice you gear is caked with leftover sunscreen, sand, and and water spots that need to be cleaned off. What is the best way to clean your gear to ensure that it holds up and lasts for many more adventures? Below are our best practices to keep your gear ready for any situation.

After each snorkeling excursion, whether in ocean, pool, or lake, we recommend cleaning all of your gear with warm fresh water and a mild soap or detergent. Typically, a bit of dish soap and warm water is all you would need. Resist the urge to use cleaners containing chlorine (like Bleach) as they will damage the gear and potentially cause cracks, fading, and other issues.

Thoroughly clean, rinse, and dry the gear before storing. You may be tempted to lay your items in the sun to dry, however we’d advise against this, as it can cause the silicone to become yellowed and damaged.

Many pieces of outdoor adventure equipment find their homes in garages, boats, or in the bottom of a closet. In order to preserve your gear, we recommend storing your gear in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. This will help the silicone components of your gear maintain their integrity and not deteriorate.

Before you head out to the beach for your next adventure, we recommend checking over your gear to make sure it is good to go. Check the seal on your mask by dry-fitting the mask and check the silicone components on your snorkel to ensure they are still pliable and soft, and not sticky or brittle, as these issues could cause leakage in the water.

Once you’ve made these checks and have your gear in order, you’re ready to jump in! Prep your mask with Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel, clip on your snorkel, and you’re ready for your next underwater adventure. Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact us!