You Got a Snorkel: Now What?

You Got a Snorkel: Now What?

With the holiday season over, we know that many of you may have received snorkeling gear as a gift but may be a beginner and uncertain where to start. This guide will help you have the best snorkeling experience possible.

First things first, you need to make sure all of your gear fits properly. We recommend testing the fit of your mask and fins to ensure that everything seals well, and you can get exchanges out of the way before your trip. You can test the fit of your mask by following these guidelines:

  • Traditional Mask: First, lay the mask on your face while tilting your head back. Feel around the silicone skirt to see if there are any gaps between the edge of the skirt and your skin. If there are none, this is a good indication that the mask fits. Next, face forward and put the mask on your face without putting the strap behind the back of your head. Make sure there is nothing between your skin and the silicone skirt, and gently press the mask to your face. You should be able to feel the mask suction to your face. If the mask falls off immediately, the mask is not sealing and there may be a small break in the seal due to a stray piece of hair or it may simply not fit. If you suspect the mask doesn’t fit, contact us immediately. If the mask suctions, then you have a good fitting mask.
  • Full Face Mask: In order to check the fit of your Full Face Mask place the mask over your face starting with the silicone mask frame at the bottom of your chin and placing the mask skirt on your face while positioning the straps behind your head. Feel with your fingers to make sure there are no gaps between the mask skirt and your skin, double check under your chin! If there are no gaps, then you can adjust the strap so that the mask remains snug but comfortable. Do not overtighten the straps, it may cause leakage and discomfort.

Next, try your fins on your bare feet to make sure that they fit properly. They should be snug but not too tight. If your fins are squeezing your feet uncomfortably, or are slipping off, you’ll need to exchange for a different size.

If any of your gear seems to be the wrong size and you need to exchange it, you can learn more about our exchanges here.

Once you have confirmed the gear fits, get ready for some fun! Plan your trip, and get exploring. Looking for places to go? We suggest the Galapagos, Hawaii, Aruba, or Bonaire! Need tips on when to book your flight? We’ve included some tips on planning flights here.

Now that you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s time to hit the beach. Here are some tips to use while you are snorkeling:

  • Practice snorkeling in shallow water or a pool. Doing this can help you become more comfortable with your gear, and ease any fears about snorkeling in deeper water.
  • Always snorkel with a buddy. Snorkeling alone may sound fun, but it is always important to have at least one other person exploring with you.
  • Have the right gear. Wear your mask of choice, fins, snorkelvest, and rashguard for the best experience. The fins will help to propel you through the water, the vest will help keep you afloat, and the rashguard will prevent sunburns.
  • Respect the environment. Don’t touch wildlife or corals. Touching wildlife or coral can harm not only the living creatures but you as well. Taking along souvenirs can throw off the entire ecosystem and cause irreversible harm. Take photos and make memories, but remember snorkeling is best as a “look but don’t touch” adventure.
  • Share you experience. We love to see pictures of our customers enjoying their snorkel experience. Help to grow the love of snorkeling by sharing your cool photos. We recommend a wrist mounted adventure camera to capture the sights and explorations.

Are we missing any tips or do you need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!