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Do You Have a Mustache?

Adorable Puppy with a mustache.

A mustache will generally prevent you from gaining a watertight seal with your mask. The mustache breaks the natural seal created by the mask's silicone skirt and bare skin and people who have a mustache will generally complain about water leaking into their mask constantly. Depending on how bushy the mustache is will dictate how bad the leak may be.

Snorkel Mart identifies 3 possible solutions to problems associated with snorkeling with a mustache. These solutions can be combined or observed individually.

  1. Shaving the mustache slightly just under the nose will often expose enough bare skin for the mask to create a seal.
  2. Apply some sort of gel to the mustache. We recommend using silicone grease.
  3. Installing a purge valve in the mask will provide an easy means of expelling any water that might leak into the mask at the mustache.

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