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Adult Snorkel Vest

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 Add safety and comfort while snorkeling with this adult-sized inflatable snorkel vest from Deep Blue Gear, enabling you to easily float on your stomach to keep your head and mask in the water. Designed to provide extra buoyancy while snorkeling, this over-the-neck vest helps prevent fatigue and loss of energy that can occur when trying to keep yourself afloat, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the undersea world below. Constructed of durable 210-denier nylon, the vest is sealed by an RF welding process that ensures the 1/4-inch weld is permanent and the vest remains air tight. Inflate the vest quickly via the plastic inflation valve with locking mechanism on the left side. When you're ready to free dive and explore more below the surface, simply push down on the valve to release the air and deflate the vest. The Deep Blue Gear inflatable snorkel vest also features an adjustable waist and crotch strap for a secure and customizable fit. Easily packable, the snorkel vest folds up compactly like a T-shirt for travel. The vest comes in two adult sizes -- standard (90 to 220 pounds) and XL (over 220 pounds). Deep Blue Gear also offers a kid-sized snorkel vest.