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5 Things To Do While Visiting Grand Cayman

5 Things To Do While Visiting Grand Cayman

Posted by Rianne Craig on Mar 8th 2017

Header Photo by Liz Odum,

If your next beach vacation is taking you to Grand Cayman, you are in for a wonderful experience. Hidden gems, wonderful snorkeling / diving locations, and ocean life are abundant on this island. We’ve found 6 attractions from around the island that would make your trip even more memorable.

1. Stingray City

Watch and wade in to see a fleet of beautiful southern stingrays in the northwest corner of Grand Cayman’s North Sound. Decades ago, fisherman cleaned fish in this sand bar, and it began a tradition no one would soon forget. Stingrays couldn’t resist the feast, and hungrily gathered near the shore for a nice meal. Today, Stingray City is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Grand Cayman.

Photo by Gregory Runyan,

2. Seven Mile Beach

Soft white sand and sea life adorn the shore of this beautiful beach in Grand Cayman. This beach has public access, allowing visitors to walk the beach’s full length. Whether you prefer snorkeling in the shallow waters, parasailing, or other water sports activities, this beach has something to suit all ages. Located close to other destinations on Grand Cayman, this is a great place to stop.

3. Amphitrite

Hidden under the sea foam stands a woman off the coast of the Sunset House in Grand Cayman. A 9 foot tall bronze statue named Amphitrite, the Siren of Sunset Reef, stands vigil. The statue was created by Simon Morris, a Canadian artist, in October of 2000. Amphitrite has been voted one of the most popular shore dives on Grand Cayman. A trip to Grand Cayman would be incomplete without seeing this goddess, and the astounding reef that she protects.

4. Rum Point

Calm, shallow waters and beautiful beaches make Rum Point the perfect trip to do with your friends and family. Just an hour’s drive from Seven Mile Beach, Rum Point is on the North Side of Grand Cayman. The designated snorkeling spots make this area an ideal location for first time snorkelers. The barrier reef parallel to the shoreline is home to many species of fish such as parrotfish, blue tang, queen tiger fish, angelfish, and much more, and Stingray Sand Bar isn’t too far away so you can often see stingrays too!

Photo By Demián Saborío,

5. Cayman Turtle Farm

This adventure marine park is 23 acres, and celebrates Grand Cayman’s stewardship of the seas and nature. Created after a noticeable decline in the turtle population, the Turtle Farm has raised and released thousands of sea turtles throughout the years. The facility aims to educate visitors about sea turtles as well as birds, caiman, and other creatures. There is a cove right next to the farm, West Bay, where you can snorkel to see many parrotfish, coral formations, and other young fish.