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Everything You Should Know Before Going Snorkeling

Posted by Snorkel-Mart on Jan 23rd 2023

Snorkeling is a popular activity for tourists and locals alike. Learning to snorkel is easy, and exploring the underwater world while breathing through a tube is fun. If you're planning on taking up snorkeling as a hobby or want to try it out, there are some things you should consider before getting in the water.

Safety gear is one of the most important things to consider. The gear you wear while snorkeling will help protect you from injury and protect the marine life that lives in the water around you.

Read on to learn the basics of snorkeling safety gear and what to look for when purchasing equipment.

What Are the Essentials for Snorkeling?

There are several items of snorkeling safety gear you should always have with you when snorkeling. These include:

Snorkel Mask

The snorkel mask is the most important piece of snorkeling gear. It allows you to breathe comfortably through a tube while still being able to see underwater. The mask should fit well and be comfortable. If you're able to adjust the strap easily, that is a good sign that it will stay on securely while you're swimming around.

Let us look at the parts of a snorkel mask:

  • Lens: The lens is the part of the mask that you see through. It should be scratch-resistant and offer a clear view underwater.
  • Strap: The strap is the part of the mask that goes around your head and holds it into place. The strap should be adjustable so that you can find a comfortable fit.
  • Nose Pocket: The nose pocket is the part of the mask where you put your nose. The pocket should be large enough to fit your nose comfortably but not too big to compromise the mask's seal.
  • Skirt: The skirt covers your face when wearing the snorkel mask; it should fit snugly around your chin but not too tightly that it restricts breathing. The strap is a part of any snorkel mask that goes around your head and holds it into place.

Mask Volume

The mask volume is an important measurement when choosing a snorkel mask. The volume refers to how much air can be trapped in the mask and how much water it can hold before it starts leaking. There are different types of snorkel masks, each with a different volume. A low-volume mask will hold less air than a high-volume mask, but it can also be easier to breathe through for people with smaller nostrils or narrower faces.

Depending on your preference, comfort, and head size, you can choose a low-volume or high-volume snorkel mask.

Dry Mask

The dry mask is a type of snorkel mask that is designed to keep your face dry. It does this by using a special breathing tube connecting to the mask and allowing you to breathe fresh air without getting any water inside. This is a great option for people who want to see their surroundings clearly without water running into their noses or mouth. It's also suitable for people worried about getting water in their eyes and causing irritation when they wear goggles.


The right snorkel mask is an excellent investment for anyone who loves to spend time on the water. Choosing the right mask can help you stay safe and enjoy your time in the water. The best snorkel masks are comfortable, easy to use, and allow you to breathe naturally under water. They're also an excellent option for kids who want to explore their surroundings without getting water into their mouths or nose.

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