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5 Best Benefits of Training with Swim Fins You Might Not Know About

5 Best Benefits of Training with Swim Fins You Might Not Know About

Posted by Snorkel-Mart on Mar 12th 2023

Using fins while swimming can help you swim faster than ever. They also help you become a better swimmer, increase your ankle flexibility, and strengthen the upkick, the weakest part of a kick. Fins are so popular because they allow swimmers to experience speeds they look up to and dream of achieving.

With that said, here are the best benefits of training with fins:

1. Increases Leg Strength and Endurance

Fins provide a way to boost the intensity of your swim. Utilizing the biggest muscles in your body can help you increase your strength and overall conditioning. If you're looking for an aerobic workout, you can use fins to propel yourself forward without having to kick much, but the added resistance will still require you to use your legs to stay afloat. It's a great way to make swimming more challenging and effective.

2. Improves Ankle Flexibility

The key to a powerful swim kick is flexing and extending your ankles. This is critical to generate the most power and momentum when pushing off the wall or propelling forward in the water. With the proper mobility, you can move through the water with the same efficiency as swimmers with a greater range of motion. Wearing fins can help increase flexibility in your ankles as the extra surface area provides more opportunity to plant into the water and propel your body forward. Ultimately, increasing ankle mobility is essential for swimmers looking to maximize their performance in the pool.

3. Makes Hitting the Upkick Easier

Coaches often encourage swimmers to practice their upward kick, but it can be hard to get the hang of it since it is not as natural as the downward kick. Adding fins to your swim practice can help you become more comfortable with the up-kick. To improve your up-kick, incorporate more vertical kicking into your practice. This will help you understand how important the up-kick is regarding dolphin kicks.

4. Reduce Stress on the Shoulders

Putting on fins before starting a workout can help reduce shoulder stress and prevent swimmer's shoulder. This technique can be used when swimming with fins or doing straight kicks. Any potential strain is minimized by taking some of the load off the shoulders and putting it on the hips and legs. Fins are an excellent tool for when the upper body is injured or to build up the intensity of a swim workout slowly.

5. Improves Body Position

Using fins while swimming can help increase your buoyancy, making it feel like you are gliding across the water's surface. This is especially beneficial for those with a weaker kick, as it can help keep them up in the water and maintain the body position necessary for an effective swim. Using fins can also remind you how important it is to enhance your kick technique.


Training with fins can provide many benefits to swimmers of any level. It can increase speed, strength, and endurance while allowing swimmers to stay in the water longer. Additionally, it can help improve body alignment, technique, and timing. The added resistance can also help swimmers build muscle and improve their cardiovascular health. Ultimately, fins can be an invaluable tool for swimmers to take their swimming to the next level.

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