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Enhance Your Snorkeling Experience with Upgrades

Enhance Your Snorkeling Experience with Upgrades

Posted by Rianne Craig on Apr 18th 2019

Here at Snorkel-Mart, we like to give you a lot of options. We want your snorkeling gear to be just that, yours. Customization is how we help you get exactly what you need to have the best snorkeling experience possible. Here are some of the options you will see throughout our website and how they can take your snorkeling to the next level.

Purge Valve

A purge valve is a one-way silicone valve installed in the nose of the mask. If you were to get any water in your mask, all you would need to do is gently press the mask against your face and exhale through your nose to expel the water. We also find that this helps with fogging, as the exhaled hot air has somewhere to escape instead of sitting in the mask and causing the temperature difference that creates fog.

Protective Mask Box

The perfect way to keep your mask safe while you’re not using it, a clamshell protective mask box is a hard plastic case designed for easy storage. It also works well for protecting your mask while travelling to your destination.

Strap Wrapper

A neoprene strap wrapper is a fabric sleeve that you can put over the silicone strap that comes with the mask. With this accessory the mask easily slides on and off of your head and also makes the strap more comfortable. If you have long hair, this item is essential!

Ultra Dry 2 Upgrade

Many of our sets have an option to upgrade from a semi-dry snorkel to our Ultra Dry 2 snorkel. An Ultra Dry 2 snorkel has a ball mechanism that prevents water from entering the tube when submerged beneath the surface. This will prevent you from drinking so much salt water and definitely help you feel more comfortable on the water. You can also upgrade the Junior Snorkels to the Ultra Dry 2 Junior, and have your little snorkelers experience the same benefits!

Vista Vue II Tube

Our Vista Vue masks are a great design with refined purge valves systems to expel as much exhaled air from the mask as possible, but the snorkel tube was a bit awkward to pack and had room for improvement. The Vista Vue II tube has a collapsible, lift and lock style for easy traveling, it can be added as a replacement tube for the Vista Vue and Vista Vue Junior.

Add a Snorkel Vest

A must-have for beginners, a snorkel vest acts as a buoyancy aid. This product helps prevent fatigue while snorkeling and allows you to snorkel for as long as you like. A great upgrade available for any set.

Make your snorkel gear exactly what you need with any of these upgrades, and there are many more available on our website! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.