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How Do You Keep Snorkel Masks from Fogging?

How Do You Keep Snorkel Masks from Fogging?

Posted by David Morgan on May 27th 2022

Nothing can ruin a snorkel trip faster than a foggy mask.

After all, snorkeling is all about seeing the beauty of ocean life, and that’s hard to do if your mask is constantly fogging up on you. A foggy mask can also be dangerous if a diver can’t pay attention to what is going on around them.

A foggy mask is an easily preventable problem that should be taken care of quickly so you can get back to enjoying your snorkel trip.

For a New Mask:

If you have a brand-new snorkel mask, we recommend pre-treating it before using it.

This is because new masks will have a residue left from the manufacturing process on the lens that will cause fogging.

To pre-treat your mask and remove this residue, you can use one of the following methods:

  • The Toothpaste Method - Yep, just regular toothpaste will do the trick. The simpler the toothpaste, the better. Simply rub the paste around with your fingers or a soft cloth and let it sit. You may even leave the toothpaste on overnight. Rinse clean and you’re good to go.
  • Flaming Your Mask - This is a little trickier but is the most effective for glass masks. Simply run a flame over the inside of the lens until the glass turns black. This burns the residue off, and once the soot is wiped away, the mask is completely clear. You may need to repeat 2-3 times to get the residue completely off. Additionally, make sure to keep the flame away from any plastic or silicone. This only works with glass masks.

For a Used Mask:

If you have already used your mask, and now it’s suddenly looking foggy, it likely needs a little TLC.

The number one reason for a foggy mask is dirt. Even a small amount of dirt, oil, or specks can attract the moisture and create fog.

If you keep your mask clean, the moisture will collect at the bottom, leaving you with clear vision in your goggles.

Be sure you are using some type of cleaning agent before every dive. This may be an actual defogging spray, a spit-shine, or baby shampoo.

Any of these will work to simply clean out the mask and prevent condensation from getting inside of the mask as you dive.

Tips to Keep Your Mask from Fogging While Snorkeling

If you’re struggling with a foggy mask, here are some of the best tried and true tips from experienced divers that may help clear things up.

  • Once the mask is on, try to avoid removing it unless you absolutely have to. This introduces more moisture, which can create more fog.
  • If you’re in the water and your mask fogs up, use your spit to coat the glass, then rinse and dump the water out, and put it immediately back on. This will generally fix any fog problem. Give your mask a thorough cleaning after your dive.
  • Try mixing 15-18 drops of baby shampoo with 2.5 oz of water in a spray bottle, this is a cost-effective anti-fog solution
  • Don’t rub anything on your lens with your fingers, that will only transfer oils from your skin into the mask. Instead, spray, swish, or swirl the soap around until it touches every surface of the mask and rinse once quickly with fresh or saltwater.

If your mask continues to fog up, you may have a problem with the seal or the mask may not be fitting properly. Check out the wide selections available at Snorkel Mart to get a mask that seals properly around your face and fits correctly.

If you take care of your mask, you should rarely have any problem with fogging. Crystal clear vision is imperative to making sure you don’t miss a moment of your next snorkeling adventure.