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How to Find the Perfect Snorkelling Mask For You: A Guide

How to Find the Perfect Snorkelling Mask For You: A Guide

Posted by Snorkel-Mart on Dec 19th 2022

Choosing the right snorkeling mask is critical if you want to make the most of your underwater experience. A mask should be comfortable, provide a good seal and fit your snorkeling needs - whether you plan to explore reefs, observe marine life, or simply relax and take in the sights. It's important to take the time to select a mask that fits your face shape and size, as well as the type of snorkeling you are planning to do.

If you're just starting out with snorkeling and shopping for a mask, it can be hard to decide what type of mask you need to get the best experience out of your snorkeling adventure. Here are some things you should consider when picking out the right snorkeling mask.

Diving vs. Snorkeling Mask

When choosing a snorkeling mask, you should consider whether you are going to be diving or snorkeling. Diving masks are designed for deeper diving, and generally have a low-volume design that keeps water out and allows for easier equalizing. Snorkeling masks are designed for shallower water, and often have a larger volume that is more comfortable for snorkelling.

Diving masks are made with thicker lenses and sturdier materials than snorkeling masks, allowing them to handle the pressure of going deeper underwater. Snorkeling masks usually have lighter lenses that are not suitable for multiple dives into deeper depths.

What to Consider When Choosing a Snorkeling Mask

1) Face Shape

When choosing a snorkeling mask, it's important to consider the shape of your face. A mask that fits poorly won't provide a good seal, and can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Make sure to try on a variety of masks to find the best fit.

If the mask does not fit snugly on your face, air can escape or enter around the edges and the mask will not be effective. This can cause fogging of glasses or other issues. To ensure the effectiveness of the mask, it is important to find a mask that fits your face properly.

2) Field of Vision

Another factor to consider when selecting a snorkeling mask is the field of vision. Masks with a wide field of vision offer a better view of the underwater environment and can make snorkeling more enjoyable. Look for a mask with a wide lens or one that has a low volume design, which will offer an improved field of vision.

3) Mask Volume

When freediving or skin diving, the pressure of the water increases with depth. Low-volume masks are beneficial for beginner divers because they have a smaller air space and require less frequent equalisation. This makes it easier to clear the mask if it becomes flooded with water.

Trying on the Masks

Before purchasing a snorkeling mask, it is important to try it on to ensure a comfortable fit. The mask should fit snugly around the face without being too tight. It should also fit securely enough that it won’t slip off when the user is in the water.

Additionally, a snorkeling mask should not cause discomfort around the nose or eyes, and the straps should be adjustable to allow for a customised fit.


Snorkeling masks are an important piece of equipment for any snorkeller. They provide a clear view of the underwater environment, protecting the snorkeller’s eyes and face from the water. Finding the right snorkeling mask can be a challenge, as there are many different types, sizes and features to consider.

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