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Which is Better: Short Fins or Long Fins?

Which is Better: Short Fins or Long Fins?

Posted by Rianne Craig on Apr 30th 2018

While snorkeling, it is imperative to make sure you have the right gear for your needs. Since launching our Aqualine Fins in January, we’ve had several people ask us about the differences between short fins and long fins. Here are things to think about when determining which fin would be best for you.

Fins like our Latitude 2 offer a longer blade style and are the most popular fin we carry. With a longer blade, your kick has more forward propulsion and allows you to slice through the water. While it takes more effort to kick the longer fins, each kick takes you further across the reef or through the water. Longer fins can be challenging to control if you are not used to wearing them. It is important to avoid hitting the reef or your fellow snorkelers in the tour/group with a wild kick. For scuba divers, long fins are essential to move through the open ocean efficiently.

Latitude 2 Fins by Deep Blue Gear

In contrast, our Aqualine Fins offer a shorter blade style. If you are looking for a versatile pair of fins that can be used in both a pool and ocean setting, short fins are a great option. While you have to kick more often with these fins, you can change your direction quickly and easily. Often used for swim and muscle training, many have found them to be useful for snorkeling as well. Occasional snorkelers often lean towards short fins due to the ease of packing. The longer the fin, the more luggage space consumed.

Aqualine Fins by Deep Blue Gear

If you are snorkeling from a shore entry point and not jumping off of a boat, there are some key factors to keep in mind while traveling to your snorkeling destination. With long fins like our Latitude 2, shore entry may be cumbersome, as long blades are more difficult to walk in to get to your snorkeling spot. Walking backwards will reduce the possible cracks and tripping, but be careful not to trip! In contrast, short fins make walking to your snorkeling destination less awkward, as there is less blade to maneuver. It is still recommended to walk backwards in your short fins while walking in the ocean, but the likelihood of tripping and cracking the fin is less.

Whether you chose a longer fin for more propulsion, or a shorter fin for versatility, fins are essential to having a successful snorkeling experience. Fins not only allow you to move through the water more freely, they allow you to navigate the waters of the ocean with comfort and confidence. We hope this information helps you choose the best pair of fins for you.

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