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Why Aruba Should be Your Next Vacation Destination

Why Aruba Should be Your Next Vacation Destination

Posted by Rianne Craig on May 30th 2019

If you’re craving a getaway to a beautiful Caribbean island, Aruba may be just the place. Aruba has more repeat visitors than other top Caribbean islands, and there is good reason why. Perfect year-round weather, friendly people, and a variety of activities make this island the ideal vacation spot for 2019. There’s a little something for every type of vacationer, whether you prefer to just sit back and relax or seek new experiences.


If you’re looking for the best snorkeling on Aruba, you should definitely go to Mangel Halto. You can access the best snorkeling from the shore with a guide or by boat tour. The healthiest coral is found outside of the bay, although going out there is not recommended for beginner snorkelers. If the currents are strong this spot can be difficult to get into, and there is a potential for long swims. Inside the bay, there is still plenty to see without the hassle the strong current.

Boca Catalina has everything a snorkeler could want: pristine water and shallow coral reefs with much to see. The sea-grass beds are the perfect spot for green sea turtles to feed and rocky areas provide a home to many corals. Great for beginner snorkelers on a calm day, and accessible from the beach or by boat tour. Most of the snorkeling in this area is beyond the buoy line, stay alert for tour boats entering the area. Usually sea conditions are perfect in this spot, but always be mindful of weather and currents when snorkeling.

Wreck Snorkeling

If you’re wanting more adventurous snorkeling, there are plenty of wreck dives to visit too. The Antilla Wreck is a sunken World War II ship off the shore of northern Aruba. The 400 feet long boat has the front third of the boat in shallow enough water to be enjoyed by a snorkeler. The masts and bow are covered in small corals and lots of colorful sponges, with many fish as well. This site cannot be accessed from the shore, so you will need to book a boat tour.

Another great wreck snorkeling opportunity is the Baboo shipwreck, a very popular snorkeling spot due to the easy shore access and abundance of fish. Usually the water around the wreck is calm and shallow, a maximum of 6-10 feet deep, perfect for beginners!


Massive sand dunes make the northwestern tip of Aruba almost desert-like, accented by cacti and aloe. Rent a UTV and really explore this unexpected feature of Aruba’s landscape.

In addition to the sand dunes, almost 20% of Aruba is composed of a national park. A sprawling 7900 acres, Arikok National Park is home to many different attractions including caves, Indian rock drawings, unusual land formations, and guided nature walks to secluded pays.There’s no way you could see everything! There is a fee to get into the park that goes towards preserving the beautiful area. There is also a Monthly Movie in the Park, no fee for this activity!

If this sounds like your perfect vacation, look into Aruba for your next travelling destination, and make sure to check out Snorkel-Mart for all your snorkeling gear needs. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.