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Full Face Mask Optical Lens Frame with Lenses

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Enjoy the benefits of optical correction in our Certified Safe Full Face Snorkeling Masks. Available for the Vista Vue, Vista Vue II and Vue Tech adult models, this optical frame and lens insert allows you to clearly see the wonders of the ocean in our state of the art masks. The polycabronate lenses for this frame are available in half diopter increments from -1.0 to -4.0. Simply insert the frame into the silicone skirt of the mask, and delight in your snorkeling adventure. Compatible with all adult Deep Blue Gear Full Face Snorkeling Masks plus various other brands including; the Ocean Reef Aria and Head Sea Vue masks.  Experience this new option for vision correction while snorkeling from Deep Blue Gear, trusted vision experts since 2005.

Curious if this optical frame is compatible with your current Full Face Mask? Learn how to check here, or review the photo showcasing the tabs required for installation in the mask.

Full Face Mask sold separately.

Use Our Rx Optical Lens Calculator to Calculate Your Recommended Prescription

Enter the Sphere (SPH) and Cylinder (CYL) values from your prescription into the Optical Lens Calculator below and click the Calculate button to determine which of our rx lenses would best suit your needs. *Note: If your Cylinder value is greater than +2.5 or less than -2.5, please contact us at (888) 597-8445 to learn about obtaining custom ground lenses.

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    +/- Sphere
    +/- Cylinder
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*Note: In addition to selecting the dropdown choice for positive (+) or negative (-) lenses, please remember to insert decimal points. Sometimes doctors get in a rush and do not put the decimal point in the actual prescription, but most sphere and cylinder values have decimal points. Example: -075 is the same as -0.75 or +550 is the same as +5.50.