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Snorkeling Accessories

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Sea Buff Dive Mask Cleaner by M Essentials


Safely prime and clean your mask lens. Makes use of defog more effective.

Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks by M Essentials


Simply the best mask defog in the industry. Eliminates pesky fogging problems.

Neoprene Strap Wrapper by Deep Blue Gear


The Neoprene Strap Wrapper by Deep Blue Gear helps to keep your diving or snorkeling mask on without sacrificing a comfortable and secure fit.

Waterproof Smartphone Pouch by Witz Cases


The Witz smartphone pouch is a waterproof pouch that fits virtually all smartphones and pocket digital cameras

Waterproof Case by Witz Cases


Protect your important belongings with a waterproof case!

Clamshell Protective Mask Box by Deep Blue Gear


Protect your investment! Sturdy plastic mask box, excellent for traveling.

Silicone Grease Silicone Lubricant by M Essentials


A must-have for men with mustaches! Helps your mask remain sealed to your upper lip.

Silicone Snorkel Keeper by Deep Blue Gear


Think ahead! ... Carry an extra snorkel keeper with you whenever you go snorkeling.

Silicone Snorkel Mouthpiece by Deep Blue Gear


Have you bitten through your snorkel mouthpiece? We have the replacement you need.

Deluxe Combo Accessory Pack by Deep Blue Gear


The ultimate add-on to any combo kit, includes mask box, defog and fish ID card

Silicone Mask Strap by Deep Blue Gear


It's smart to carry a spare mask strap, and we have what you need!