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Waterproof Case by Witz Cases

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Waterproof Case (Surf Safe)

Our Waterproof Cases are the ideal way to keep your ID, drivers license, credit cards, hotel room keys and cash safe and secure while on the go. The cases are made of crush resistant ABS plastic and a O-ring to keep out water and dust. Perfect for traveling and vacationing.

Dimensions: 2.5" wide x 3.7" high x .75" thick

Large Waterproof Case (Keep-It Safe)

The Large Waterproof Case is slightly larger than the Waterproof Case and a great way to carry your ID cards, Hotel keys, Cash, Credit Cards and some bigger items like Chap stick, lotion or Sunscreen. Not only is the Large Waterproof Case lightweight and compact but it is a solid color to keep your valuables out of site but within reach.

Dimensions: 2.7" wide x 4.3" high x 1.3" thick

Large Waterproof Smartphone Case (Smartphone Locker II)

The Large Waterproof Smartphone Case offers solid security and protection for Cell Phones, Droid, Blackberry, HTC and other small items while traveling or just on the go. The Smart Phone Locker II is padded on the top and bottom and felt lined (except for Clear) to protect from dings and scratches. Made of crush resistant ABS plastic. The case is waterproof and comes with a Carabiner.

Dimensions: 3.5" wide x 6" high x 1" thick

X-Large Waterproof Smartphone Case (Smartphone Locker III)

The X-Large Waterproof Smartphone Case is a great way to store your large phone safely and securely. This case fits an iPhone 6+ and the Samsung Note 4 and 5. The Smart Phone Locker III has a crush resistant shell, felt lining, and foam ends to protect your phone from dings and scratches. With a rubber O-ring seal and heavy duty latch, you can take your phone with you into the water with confidence. Also equipped with a Carabiner for convenient carrying.

Dimensions: 3.64" wide x 6.8" high x 1.73" thick

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