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Maui - Executive Bifocal Diving/Snorkeling Mask

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Lenses for Life Program

We realize your eyesight evolves over time, and the lenses you order today may not work in a year or two. As your prescription changes, we want to update your mask’s lenses to match.

We offer an industry unique lifetime lens replacement opportunity for all customers who purchase our prescription masks. Once you order a prescription mask from us, you qualify to get replacement lenses for life at 50% off the normal retail price of the lenses.

Time for a replacement? Contact us today!

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The modern Maui Snorkeling / Diving mask is our lowest volume mask, making it the top choice for divers and snorkelers alike. The sleek and lightweight frame allows the mask to sit as close to your face as possible, giving you more peripheral vision and comfort while snorkeling. This mask is designed to fit a majority of customers with varying face shapes.

Our bifocal prescription lenses provide magnification on the bottom third of the lenses with absolutely no correction in the top two thirds of the lens. These lenses are handy for SCUBA divers who need to read their gauges and photographers who need to see small camera buttons, but do not need any distance correction.

These lenses are available in half diopter increments. If your prescription ends in .25 or .75 we suggest rounding down to the nearest half diopter. These prescription masks are in stock and ready to ship by the next business day after your order has been placed.

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