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Spirit 2 Buckle Replacement

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There are three different parts to the buckle assembly: buckle cover, buckle plate with pin, and buckle swivel. When ordering, please select each part in the drop down and add them to your cart individually. See instructions on how to replace a buckle assembly on your mask below.

1) Remove the strap completely from the side of the mask.

2) If you look on the inside of the mask, you will see 4 prongs. Push against these prongs with a screwdriver in order to remove the buckle assembly. It is common for the prongs to break during this step.

3) Place the buckle plate with pin (the piece with the large circle and a ramp at the end) on the outside of the mask. Install this piece over the matching hole on the mask, making sure the ramp is inclining away from the mask and facing upwards.

4) Take the buckle swivel (the piece with the Deep Blue Gear logo on it) and place it onto of the buckle plate with pin so the circles overlap. The logo should be facing away from the mask. Then push the buckle swivel until it snaps into place.

5) Lastly take the buckle cover (the large round piece with prongs) and push it into the other pieces.

Once all of pieces are secured, feed the strap back through the buckle and voila! You are ready to go snorkeling.