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Prescription Correction in Full Face Masks Now Available

Prescription Correction in Full Face Masks Now Available

Posted by Rianne Craig on Nov 8th 2019

After years in the making, it’s finally available. You can now get corrective lenses in any of our certified safe adult full face masks, the Vista Vue or the Vue Tech! This highly requested product is easy to install and will dramatically improve any snorkeling experience.

If you purchase a full face mask with optical frame insert, the lenses will come pre-installed. If you are just purchasing the insert for your existing mask, you’ll need to install the lens frame yourself. To install the full face optical frame, you tuck the frame into the upper chamber of the mask using tabs in the silicone skirt. You can see in the below photo that the optical frame has cut outs which are designed to secure the mask into the silicone skirt that has the proper silicone mold. These frame inserts can be installed into any full face mask with this silicone connecting piece. A few brands we know this frame can fit into are the Ocean Reef Aria and Head Sea Vue masks. If you would like to know if these frames will fit into your mask, send a photo of your mask to


The lenses for this frame are polycarbonate, making them lightweight and durable. Optical correction ranges in half dioptres from -1.0 to a -4.0. These lenses are eligible for our new Lenses for Life Program, meaning you can exchange your lenses later on if your prescription changes or needs adjusted.

We’re very excited to bring this product to our customers who have been asking for this option for quite some time! Enjoy a crystal clear snorkeling experience in a certified safe snorkeling mask. Have any questions of comments? Don’t hesitate to contact us.