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Snorkel-Mart Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Snorkel-Mart Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Posted by Lauren Dollinger on Nov 19th 2019

With the holidays right around the corner, we’re helping you plan the perfect gifts to give or ask for this year! It’s an exciting time at Snorkel-Mart, and with our new products we’re the perfect place to check items off your list. Here are the top five gifts we’re recommending this year.

Prescription Full Face Snorkeling Masks

You asked, we delivered! Finally, our Certified Safe Full Face masks are available with vision correction. The Vista Vue Prescription Snorkeling Mask and Vue Tech Prescription Snorkeling Mask are available in a select range of vision options from -1.0 to -4.0. This takes the fun,safety, and convenience of the full face mask and offers optical correction so you can enjoy the crystal clear view of the ocean’s wonders. Already have a full face mask and just vision correction? Check out the next gift on our list!

Full Face Mask Optical Lens Frame with Lenses

If you already have a full face mask but just need the optical correction, the Full Face Mask Optical Frame with Lenses is the solution. Offering lenses in a range of vision options from -1.0 to -4.0, this upgrade to your full face mask helps you see in a non-traditional mask format. Bonus: this insert may be compatible with the other brands of full face mask you already have at home! While we recommend our masks due to their safety features, the information to see if this is compatible with your mask is included in our blog here.

Vista Vue Junior - Kid’s Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Do you have a young snorkeler on your list? The Vista Vue Junior - Kid’s Full Face Snorkeling Mask is the perfect option. Eliminating the need for the child to breathe exclusively through their mouth, this all in one mask features our innovative, certified safe purge valve technology to give them the best experience possible. Available for kids as young as three, this mask is a great piece to have for children snorkelers.

Vue Tech and Full Face Snorkeling Sets

Looking to get all of the gear you’d need for your snorkeling excursion? Check out our Vue Tech Adult Snorkeling Set or our Full Face Mask Adult Snorkeling Set. These sets include the Vue Tech or Vista Vue masks respectively, which both offer a certified safe snorkeling experience. The main difference in these sets: The Vue Tech features an updated frame design showcasing a collapsible snorkel tube for easy packing and travel. The Vue Tech Set also comes with our new Freediver Plus Full Face Snorkeling bag, which has a large front pocket for your full face mask.

Prescription Masks

Considering over 50% of the US population requires some sort of vision correction, there is no surprise that we’re recommending prescription masks to be added to your holiday list. We’ve already talked about our full face prescription options, but our traditional masks offer a wider range of correction options. The Maui and Spirit 2 masks offer correction ranges from -10 to +4.5, and are two of our most popular products! For those who have issues fitting into most masks, the Super Vue 2 mask offers a taller and wider fit with select vision correction from -1.0 to -5.5. If you are looking for just bifocal correction, we offer the Maui Executive Bifocal Mask with bifocal options from +1.0 to +4.0.

For Kids and adults with petite faces, we offer the Maui Jr. Mask with vision correction available from -10 to +4.5 as well.

Lastly, we offer a fully custom mask option in our Custom Maui Prescription Mask. This mask is great for those who have a prescription that is outside of our stock prescription lens parameters, or those who require both distance and bifocal correction in the same mask.

There you have it, our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Watch our site and social media for information on all of the great deals we plan on having available this holiday season. Have questions, comments or think we missed something that needs to be on our list? Contact us today.